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Why walk on your own, when you can walk with a guide on your visit to Northumberland; you’ll go further, discover and see more and you’ll never get lost, guaranteed. But don’t take our word for it, that’s what our customers say was the best part of being on a Footsteps guided walk, in this remarkable County of Northumberland.

A Footsteps guided walk can take you to the wilder side of the Northumberland Coast, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We go deep into the hidden valleys and to the summits of some great hills in the Northumberland National Park. We explore its countryside, discovering places like St. Cuthbert’s Cave and the wonderful Ros Castle, one of the best view points in the County.

At Footsteps, we offer guided walks throughout the year. This is because the seasons are all so very different, in spring and summer, the wildflowers bloom and the birds, our summer visitors are everywhere in the fields and hedgerows. In autumn and winter, our winter migrants arrive and the coast provides a home for tens of thousands of ducks, geese and waders; it’s quite a sight and on a Footsteps walk, you’ll see the best of our wildlife spectacular.

We have heather moors that glow purple from the end of July to the end of August. Golden beaches, blue seas and skies light up the coast and you find yourself walking further, discovering more; you never know what the next great view is going to be.

So, don’t hesitate, book a Footsteps guided walk now and be part of something special; you’ll want to come back for more, guaranteed.

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