Walking the Beauty
---..of Northumberland


Beadnell Bay

Our walks, all of which are set in the north east corner of Northumberland offer variety in their location, the wildlife we see and their historical setting.

All our guided walks are circular and we always return to where we started. There is one exception, which is the Berwick to Eyemouth walk along the Coast Path, when we return to Berwick using public transport.

View the short videos on our home page showcasing our walks, and find out more about who we are and what we do.

About the walks

All the walks begin and end at an easy to find place in a village or a small market town; these include car parks, by churches or outside a visitor centre. You have to get yourself to the start and please try and arrive about 15 minutes before the walk begins. We always return to the start point.

When you book, you will be told where the walk begins and if you look at the details in the table on this page, then you will know the type of countryside you will be walking in, how far and how long the the walk will be.

Please click here to see the ‘what to take and wear’ pages and do ask when you book your walk about any additional information you might need.

We look forward to sharing our walks and the beauty of Northumberland with you.

Pennine Way

How far, how long?

The questions we get asked most often are, will I have to walk up and downhill, can I do it and what are the distances and the times it takes to complete the walks.

Uphills and downhills

If we are walking on the coast, the hills are few and far between. In the Northumberland countryside, the hills are gentle. There are hills to walk up and down in The Cheviot Hills of the National Park. However, the Cheviot routes are designed to avoid the steeper ascents, but you will have to manage some steep(ish) descents, as we come down to the valleys from the tops of the hills.

So, how far…?

The distance for every walk is fixed and each is measured accurately in miles and kilometres using digital mapping software. The time it takes to complete the walks is a very good estimate; it is based on a walking speed of 2 miles or 3-4 kilometres per hour. This may sound slow, but it is a good average and experience shows that this is what the walking speed tends to be, whether we are on the coast, in the countryside or in the Northumberland National Park.

…and how long?

When we describe a 6-mile (10 km) walk as taking ½ a day, it is usually completed in 3 hours and so on for the ¾ day and whole day walks. It is an essential skill of your guide that he is able to manage a walking party to ensure that every walker fast or slow, fit or not so fit, very young or not, can complete the walk safely, comfortably and enjoyably. We set off together, walk as a group and arrive back together as one party.

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