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Map & Compass Skills Course

Quick Details

Person Ages 12+

Learn Map Reading in Northumberland

You can join Footsteps for a day to learn how to navigate with a map and a compass, a useful and essential skill if you want to enjoy your own walking adventures, wherever that might be.

We can tailor your day to suit your needs, whether that is in the lowlands, along the coast or in the hills of Northumberland National Park. With so many beautiful destinations to enjoy a walk, your navigation course can be more than just another class.

Map and compass skills can be learned and used just about anywhere, so once you have learned the basics and taken the time to practice and develop those skills, you’ll be ready to go. Not to mention, these skills are essential for many outdoor activities and are important tools to add to your skillset.


  • Orientate the map
  • Take a grid reference
  • Take a compass bearing and follow it on the ground
  • Accurately pace to a fixed point on the map
  • Use contour lines to help you navigate
  • Develop your relocation skills if you’re unsure of your precise location
  • Select which compass and maps to buy to get the most from your walking adventures

Ready to try your hand at map reading? Book the map and compass course online today.

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