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What’s it all about?

Join your guide Patrick and wildlife artist Jane to discover the artist in you, on our Arty Footsteps Experience in the village of Ingram in the Breamish Valley, Northumberland National Park. You can get creative on this guided walk; we supply the guide and while we are walking, you can create your own memories by drawing what you see and experience along the way. You may be a skilled artist or perhaps you are seeking some inspiration or encouragement  to develop your drawing skills, this is the place to do it. Click here to see a video about the Northumberland Experience Collection.

Who are we?

Jane, a professional artist, specialising in wildlife and the beauty of nature will be with us to advise, guide and support you during the walk. 

Patrick, a professional walking guide in Northumberland knows this landscape well and will be looking after you as we explore the Breamish Valley.

Where does it happen?

The Breamish Valley in Northumberland National Park is renowned for its beauty, its prehistoric hillforts and of course the River Breamish, after which the valley is named. It is a working valley; sheep farming continues to this day and the local Scottish black face and Cheviot sheep graze beside the river and on the gently sloping hillsides. The guided walk takes us up to Brough Law with its Iron Age hillfort and spectacular views and down to the ‘haughlands’ a Northumbrian word for the level grazing pastures beside the River Breamish.

At the end of the Experience you will have your memories of the day's walking along with your own artistic interpretation of the Northumberland National Park, plus the bag with the art materials to continue using wherever you go next.

When does it happen?

Every Monday throughout the year. We want you to experience the Breamish Valley in every season of the year. If the weather is inclement, then the delightful Ingram Village Hall provides a safe haven. From there, it is possible to venture outside to gather inspiration and then return to the warm and dry to be creative.

What can you do?

There will be opportunities to pause, to stand and stare and of course to draw what you see. You can focus on the big skies and the distant hills or zoom in to draw a flower, a boulder, a tree or the tumbling water as it cascades over the rocky river bed, the choice is yours.

What do you get?

A bag containing, a sketchpad, graphite and watercolour pencils, pencil sharpener and an eraser. All of which are yours to keep and take away with you.

In addition, we provide you with a picnic lunch to enjoy along the way, made up using local Northumberland produce from the Ingram Valley Café in the village.

Patrick and Jane look forward to getting creative with you on their Arty Footsteps Experience in Northumberland National Park.

When does it start?

You can now book and pay for your Arty Footsteps Experience from 2nd May 2019, follow the links on the calendar.


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