Walking the Beauty
of Northumberland

Sunset walks on the Pilgrim's Way with Airbnb

What is it?

Footsteps has teamed up with Airbnb to offer our ever popular sunset guided walks across the Pilgrim's Way to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. But, rather than hosting an Airbnb property for your accommodation, Footsteps is hosting an Experience, and experiential tourism is the next big thing.

Where do we go?

The walk takes you across the Pilgrim's Way in the late afternoon, you have the opportunity to walk barefoot, the traditional way of the pilgrim and experience the sand and the squidgy mud between your toes and some warm refreshing water to paddle in. If you don't want to walk barefoot, then old trainers, Croc shoes or surf shoes are ideal. Walking boots will get soaked inside and out, so are not suitable for the sunset walk.

What do we see, learn and hear?

Along the way, we'll be taking the time to stand and stare, to take photos and to hear stories of the 7th and 8th Century Kings and Saints who lived here in Northumbria in those turbulent times all those centuries ago. In the high days of Summer, hundreds of grey seals are 'hauled out' on the sandbars in the bay and their haunting calls, or singing if you prefer, provides the background audio track as we splish-splash our way across the bay.

The return journey into the night

After some time spent on Lindisfarne and as sunset approaches, we return to the Pilgrim's Way and begin the return journey, walking towards the setting sun and as darkness falls, we reach the mainland and the end of the 'Experience'. 

How to book

To join our Footsteps Airbnb experience, please click here to sign up and pay for the walk. Your payment and your booking is managed by Airbnb and the 'Experience' has been carefully selected by them to reach their high standards of quality. 




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