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Eyemouth and St. Abbs Head Walk

Quick Details

Adult 18+
Teenager 12-17
Child 6-11
Private Tour Per Person
Family Ticket 2 adults + 2/3 children under 17

A walk along the highest sea cliffs on mainland Scotland

On the Scottish side of the Border a very different landscape beckons and the walk from Eyemouth to St. Abbs and St. Abbs Head has drama, history and beauty combined. It’s a MODERATE 8-mile (12-kilometres) walk, with places to stop and rest along the way. There are clifftop paths and sandy bays, all of which lead to the wonderful St. Abbs Head, a National Nature Reserve.

There is some fantastic wildlife here, in the Spring and Summer, the cliffs are covered in thousands of nesting seabirds. In Winter, it’s about as wild, wonderful and remote as it’s possible to be. Late in the year, you’ll love the Atlantic grey seals and their new born pups clearly visible from the clifftops.

There is history too, some of it tragic such as the fishing disaster in 1881. The rocky coves and inlets allowed smugglers to thrive, but just what was the contraband that made them so wealthy? Finally, it was here that James Hutton in the 18th Century changed the way we saw the world. He challenged the orthodoxy of Bishop Ussher and got people to consider the true age of the Earth. All that in just 8-miles, what are you waiting for?

What to Bring

  • Walking boots or walking shoes
  • Polyester cotton trousers; no denim jeans, please
  • A waterproof coat, waterproof trousers, a hat, and gloves; a sunhat such as a baseball cap for sunny days
  • Sunscreen
  • One bottle of water per person, 1 to 1.5 litres is recommended
  • A picnic lunch and some snacks

Clothing depends on the season. Please contact us for advice!