St. Cuthbert’s Cave Walk

Quick Details

Adult 18+
Teenager 12-17
Child 7-11
Private Group of 4-8 Per Person

See St. Cuthbert’s Cave in Northumberland

St. Cuthbert’s Cave sitting beneath a sandstone cliff and protected by a dragon (you need to seek out the dragon rock) is an important site in the Christian tradition of ancient Northumbria. It was here in AD875 that the monks fleeing the Holy Island of Lindisfarne and pursued by Vikings, rested on the first night of that fateful day with the sacred body of St. Cuthbert. Carvings in the rock face suggest that people have been visiting here for hundreds of years and you will be just one of many who have walked this way.

We follow paths from the village of Belford, through farmland, forestry and heather moor to get there. There are some amazing views of the coast and the Cheviot Hills to be enjoyed as well, so I often think of this walk as offering everything you want on day out in the Northumberland countryside.

The walk begins and ends in the centre of the village of Belford.

What to Bring

  • Walking boots or walking shoes
  • Polyester cotton trousers; no denim jeans, please
  • A waterproof coat, waterproof trousers, a hat, and gloves; a sunhat such as a baseball cap for sunny days
  • Sunscreen
  • One bottle of water per person, 1 to 1.5 litres is recommended
  • A spare jumper or fleece; it’s always nice to have a warm top to put on if needed
  • A picnic lunch and some snacks

Clothing depends on the season. Please contact us for advice!