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St. Cuthbert’s Cave Walk

Quick Details

Adult 18+
Teenager 12-17
Child 6-11
Private Tour Per Person
Family Ticket 2 adults + 2/3 children under 17

A sleeping Dragon guards this mythical place

This MODERATE walk of 8-miles (12-kilometres) follows paths through farmland, forests and there’s even some moorland to enjoy. There are some brilliant views; on a small crag above the cave, three of Northumberland’s coastal castles come into view and to the west, the Cheviot Hills mark the far horizon.

The Cave is said to be where the monks fleeing Lindisfarne from Viking raids in 875CE rested at the end of the first day of that desperate flight. It is therefore an important place in medieval Christian history and many pilgrims following St. Cuthbert’s Way visit and pause here to reflect on its importance. A sleeping dragon guards the entrance to the Cave, so tread lightly lest you disturb her slumber.

The brightly coloured yellowhammer perches high and calls loudly, sky larks sing loudly and cuckoos on their brief visit to the UK can be heard and occasionally seen in May and June.

We return to the start point in Belford, where a warm welcome in one of the village pubs awaits you. Time for refreshments and to reflect on your memories on a walk that takes you back in history to when life very different.

What to Bring

  • Walking boots or walking shoes
  • Polyester cotton trousers; no denim jeans, please
  • A waterproof coat, waterproof trousers, a hat, and gloves; a sunhat such as a baseball cap for sunny days
  • Sunscreen
  • One bottle of water per person, 1 to 1.5 litres is recommended
  • A spare jumper or fleece; it’s always nice to have a warm top to put on if needed
  • A picnic lunch and some snacks

Clothing depends on the season. Please contact us for advice!